Trauma is usually caused by physical, emotional, or sexual tragedies such as abuse, neglect, disasters, accidents, or other acute situations. Sadly, trauma from these various sources is a significant problem that many women suffer with every day. Most programs for women who have experienced some sort of trauma don’t focus on the underlying causes of the problem. Our goal is to help you to understand where your trauma has stemmed from, and how to come up with coping strategies to heal from and emotionally resolve your traumatic experiences.

We understand that trauma therapy can be difficult and that many people do not want to re-live their past experiences. Our caring professionals create a safe environment, are trained in EMDR, and do all they can to lessen support you as you pass through the healing process. There are many benefits to trauma counseling such as gaining knowledge about trauma, identifying triggers, developing coping skills, helping to feel safe again and decrease the symptoms of traumatic stress. Here at Tender Heart Counseling, we are here to ensure your safe and healthy return to life without the debilitating symptoms of trauma.

You can start your healing journey today by reaching out to reclaim your life!